At Sunkissed Acorns in Boston, we believe that children thrive better in integrated settings that involve the teamwork of the children themselves, their parents, and their teachers. Our philosophy involves open communication between parents and teachers in a safe and stimulating daycare environment. We believe that providing a safe and stimulating environment will lay the foundation for your child’s intellectual and emotional growth. We believe ongoing communication between parents and teachers are essential in providing the best care for your child. We welcome questions and suggestions regarding your child’s activity, nutrition and development. Parents are always welcome to visit the Center no matter what time of day to visit their children.


Each classroom is focused on a specific age group. Children will learn through play, structured activities, toys and learning materials. We understand that every child is unique, grows and learns at his or her own pace, and as providers, we will guide your child through that process by designing activities that will stimulate your child’s thinking in terms of problem solving, decision making, and creativity.


Our goal is to provide a clean, safe, fun and comfortable daycare environment where your child can play, grow and learn. Children will be taught how to respect themselves as well as others, the importance of sharing, manners and honesty. We believe the best way to teach children are through positive reinforcement rather than negative reinforcement or punishment.


We thrive to provide high quality childcare while offering parents a peace of mind.